About me

‘Paint, draw, create… your works have magical power’.
Many years ago drawing was my way to find answers and create a better, more beautiful reality. I mainly created continuous line drawings with a pen, which remained unpublished, although people who had seen them encouraged me to publish these works. Some smaller humorous and satirical works were offerred for sale. I studied drawing and painting in Africa, continued studies at an alternative psychology department, and finally studied computer graphic design. My graphics-related know-how and skills were put to use by Polish and international public bodies such as research institutes, universities and state authorities. I  primarily focused on graphic design elements for UE programmes and projects. My ideas, using various techniques, were seen in numerous books, information brochures, and personalised special occassion items, as well as being displayed in public and private buildings.
One  day I met a very special person, who gave me a joyful look and recounted to me every important detail of my life before I even had a chance to start talking to her. She also reminded me of a phrase I used to hear in the past: ‘paint, draw, create…’ and added: ‘your works have a magical power’. That was when I started to create the graphics which have ‘a pleasant’ effect.



These pictures represent just a fragment of my collections, which I often change.

Due to their colourful aspects, my paintings can provide interiors with joyful or special accents.

I can change both the colour range and size of the computer graphics.

Pen drawings can introduce energies needed in specific places.

Photos can introduce an accent which reflects contemporary trends and perceptions.

I would like to invite you to view my latest collection.